CGS brand upgraded to CGL to create web3 gamefi traffic portal

With the rapid growth of the web3 market, CGS has begun to accelerate the globalization. As the gamefi market has been recognized in recent years, the audience of CGS is gradually moving from gamefi enthusiasts to the entire web3 crowd. As the blockchain is gradually recognized by the public, CGS will face new opportunities and challenges. So CGS (Crypto Gladiator Shards) brand upgrade was renamed CGL (Crypto Gladiator League), which will grow from the original single game ecosystem to a game platform and become the game traffic portal of the entire web3.


CGL (Crypto Gladiator League) will complete the overall upgrade from the three

1. No longer stick to the ecosystem of a single game type, and develop into a full-category game platform.

Compared with a single game type, full-category games allow users to experience more games, and can also collect user data in multiple dimensions. Based on data, CGL can build a larger ecosystem at the bottom of the game.

2. Build CGL’s season challenge mode

The season challenge mode is jointly initiated by CGL and game developers. Several games with strong relevance are selected, special tasks for each game are specially set up, and all tasks are packaged into one challenge. Users who complete the entire season challenge will get special rewards set up by CGL.

3. A variety of basic services have been added, game ID, NFT marketplace, and financial services.

1) The setting of the game ID is to give the user a brand new game identity in the ecosystem. With the more game behaviors of the user, the information of the identity on the chain becomes more and more perfect, and establishes its own at the bottom of the whole game is established to promote the development of the entire ganefi.

2) The establishment of the NFT marketplace provides good liquidity for ecosystem NFT and ensures the transparency and security of transactions.

3. CGL will provide a series of lending and pledge services for NFT in the gamefi, and will also increase insurance to protect the asset security of every user. Further enhance the user’s experience of the gamefi world.

From these three, CGL has ushered in a brand new image. This brand upgrade of CGL is not simply adding a few services, but preparing to create the largest game ecosystem on web3 and complete the data integration of the entire web3 gamefi. Become the game traffic portal of the entire blockchain world.

KING multi-win gameplay: high level dinosaur NFT mystery box + arithmetic mining

From financiality to gameplay, GameFi has received more and more attention as the accessible scenarios continue to expand, but it also faces its own problems and needs to find a balance between playability and profitability. In terms of economic model, GameFi has created a new game economic model of Play-To-Earn. The Play-To-Earn economic model brings a high percentage of players to create revenue and a flat ecological relationship, which solves the core pain points of the Free-To-Play model. 

KING is a decentralized game created by integrating technologies and concepts such as blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, metaverse, DAO, etc. Users can not only enjoy a wonderful and rich gaming experience, but also earn income through their gaming skills. Developed by A16Z jointly with the Riot Games team and the KING team, KING will accommodate wireless game lovers to create a more immersive virtual world in this game.

The KING team has studied the economic model and life cycle of nearly 100 GameFi games on various public chains, summarized the strengths and weaknesses of the top chain games, and combined the fun of traditional games and the financial nature of on-chain games to design a complete and mature game ecosystem and economic system. It is fun, competitive and P2E. 

Players need to buy admission tickets first, and different admission tickets correspond to different income limits. After players get the admission ticket, they can use USDT to draw the mystery box, and open the box for a maximum of 10 times a day. The interesting thing about KING Chain Tour is that if you don’t win the dinosaur mystery box, the platform will refund the principal amount of the entrance ticket used to open the mystery box, and you will also get a 1% subsidy on the principal amount. In other words, players will not lose money in participating in the KING chain tour, but will only make money. the expandability of the KING chain tour itself and the redefinition of NFT for the ownership of game assets, fully give the imagination of the future practical value of NFT.

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According to the players’ own arithmetic power, they can do arithmetic mining on the KING platform and generate King platform tokens. The number of players involved in the initial stage of the platform is small, but if you upgrade to a higher level miner with higher arithmetic power, you can harvest more King tokens. In the future, as the platform gradually matures, King will be given more important missions, and users will get more rights and protection from it.

The growth of the KING community requires the joint efforts of every player, as KING has designed referral rewards and community rewards to better reward users who contribute to the community.KING is committed to providing players with a fair, just and open gaming environment, transparent data, transparent rules, and a GameFi 2.0 gaming aggregation platform without backend manipulation of burst rates and malicious guided spending.

SZR digital person, the new upstart in the global market

The SZR public chain of digital people is the world’s first public bottom public chain of digital people. It is a digital character image created by using digital technology and close to human image. It is a new technological revolution in human history. SZR has attracted strong attention from global blockchain enthusiasts since its launch, attracting the focus of major groups and investors.

In a narrow sense, digital human is the product of the integration of information science and life science. It is to use the methods of information science to simulate the shape and function of human body at different levels. Its research process includes four overlapping stages of development, “visible human”, “physical human”, “physiological human”, and “intelligent human”, and finally establishes a multi-disciplinary and multi-level digital model and achieves accurate simulation of human body from micro to macro. The “digital human” is expected to be able to replace the real person to complete many tasks that the real person cannot complete, such as the weightlessness area of the universe, the cold and anoxic area and the area inconvenient for long-term residence. And complete the automobile impact protection experiment, anti-nuclear experiment, anti-biochemical experiment and anti-biological weapon experiment that are injurious to real people. Due to the continuous upgrading of technology, more and more virtual digital people have entered our lives.

Digital artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data can be effectively combined and mutually compatible. On the blockchain-based network, the liquidity of big data will be significantly improved, and AI will play a greater role in value.

In terms of financing, from the perspective of industry classification, AR/VR complete machine or hardware is still a hot spot in the industry. At the same time, the digital human industry has grown significantly. Medical care is still the long-term focus of the vertical industry. Virtual social networking, virtual training, game entertainment are still the three unchanged focuses of AR/VR in recent years. From the perspective of regional classification, China has leapt to the second place in terms of total financing due to more than 22 years of AR brand financing events, surpassing the former financing regions of Britain and Israel.

The trend of acquisition and integration in the industry is also more obvious. It can be predicted that with the increasing market heat and audience, there will be another series of reshuffles. For example, although Meta was blocked in acquiring Within, it still acquired 6 companies in 22 years, including 3 content production companies. Niantic has acquired a very mature WebAR service provider, such as 8thWall, and Snap has acquired core hardware technologies such as Compound Photonics and NextMind. Everyone is expanding towards consolidating their own ecosystem.

Internationally, the industry has made steady progress without waiting for Apple to enter the market. At the same time, Meta laid off a large number of employees, and Magic Leap, a star start-up company, ha

s undergone a series of adjustments, with its sharp edge reduced, showing a mixed trend. Digital people are a very popular sector of investment and financing in 2022, with an annual financing amount of 593 million US dollars, accounting for 17%, ranking second in the industry category, which includes various virtual avatars, virtual idols and other digital person-related enterprises.

SZR Digital Man is a new generation of blockchain network, which integrates many disruptive innovations. As an important infrastructure of the “Internet of Value”, it combines advanced economic models and technologies such as blockchain defi+GameFi+sofi+Metaverse+NFT++DAO to create a “super planet” in the blockchain world. Participating in the global top 100 community nodes: Mana, Gala, Link, AXS, VDS and other well-known communities to jointly build community ecology; In addition, hundreds of global investment institutions have participated in the research of BTC, ETH, FIL, EOS and other early preachers; At that time, more than one thousand media organizations will cooperate with the community to be publicized. SZR Digital People is the world’s first to create multiple super-strong ecological layout and economic landing mechanism. Based on blockchain technology, SZR Digital People has developed a set of decentralized, low-cost and private global first decentralized digital people cloud space platform, and provided a complete scientific tool flow system. The artificial intelligence computing node in the SZR chain can be composed of various forms. Based on the Web3 ecosystem, a set of efficient and decentralized blockchain data index and query API service layer is built to make DApp data access easier and faster.

SZR will rely on blockchain technology to build the world’s first digital person consensus underlying public chain in the global perspective, and develop a variety of application scenarios, such as: AI data trading platform, multi-function wallet, MetaUniverse digital person, smart contract, hard human brain and nerve. Relying on a variety of application scenarios at different levels, create a unique industrial closed-loop, rely on Token as the link, realize the upgrading of the big data industry ecosystem, let the value transfer perfectly, and finally create the world’s first blockchain-based AI operating system, let the blockchain+AI will change all aspects of our lives.

The blockchain artificial intelligence public chain built by the SZR ecosystem has effectively realized the storage and encryption of big data. Other projects can also build a technology system suitable for individual users and enterprise users to use for distributed storage and the infrastructure for unified blockchain technology by issuing a pass on the SZR chain. The goal of SZR is to apply blockchain+AI technology to construct a trusted distributed SZR AI public chain that can both self-cycle and expand outward.



In this SZR ecosystem, information is relatively transparent and symmetrical. A large part of profits come from the realization of real value, and only a small part comes from information asymmetry (absolute symmetry does not exist;

In this SZR ecosystem, each business participant can minimize the trust friction of cooperation, make the distributed collaboration between all parties more simple, efficient and low-cost, and then concentrate resources on more advanced technologies, better products and better services to generate greater value;

In this SZR ecosystem, every natural person and every enterprise can find their own place, contribute their own value according to what they are good at, and get a relatively fair reward;

In this SZR ecosystem, blockchain technology should have room to develop in all aspects, including commercial activities and corresponding supporting economic activities;

In this SZR ecosystem, value is accompanied by high-speed transmission of business activities in an expanding closed-loop. The form of value may be goods, services or direct “funds”.

[SZR Digital Man] Technical advantages:

1. Decentralized data index protocol, anyone can create and publish index data based on its open API.

2. Provide a more convenient way for developers to obtain blockchain data.

3. It is to build an efficient and decentralized blockchain data index and query API service layer based on the Web3.0 ecosystem, making DApp data access easier and faster.

4. The principle is to index the blockchain data and generate sub-graphs, thus allowing fast digital human interface.

5. Digital person index: provide a fair ranking algorithm and define the value scale

6. The Force of Digital People: providing the self-evolution of blockchain systems and applications

7. Digital human virtual machine: provide the construction of blockchain application ecological environment

8. Beyond the technological dimension of the metauniverse

[SZR Digital People] Global advantages:

1. The world’s first decentralized digital cloud space platform

2. The first parent currency+space station+human brain neuron+digital human identity system

3. One-stop ecological application platform

4. Complete scientist tool flow system

5. Let digital currency lovers learn more easily.

6. The circulation is less than that of standard BTC

7. Global Vision The world’s first digital person consensus underlying public chain

8. Multi-stage ecological development

9. Permanent vitality, the first digital human project in the history of blockchain

SZR may become a new era in the blockchain world. Let’s focus on its growth with a global perspective, and let all lovers find their own wealth direction here. It is the blue sea and blue sky of global consensus lovers.

Web3.0 project RunbitDAO will starts the NFT Giveaway Bycryptocnn

Recently, the founders of the Web3.0 project RunbitDAO announced that RunbitDAO2.0 will launch a Giveaway event to reward the early supporters, to encourage more enthusiasts to participate and promote the development of RunBit DAO.

Giveaway event winners can get the in-game equipment and attribute cards for free, and after completing the daily step count, participants can get corresponding rewards.

RunbitDAO is a Web3.0 aggregation platform, which aims to promote Web3.0 technology to accelerating the industrial interconnection, improve social production efficiency, and effectively improve people’s lives through the combination of Web3.0 technology and people’s sports, entertainment, consumption, etc.

Runbit DAO’s first version—step counting project has been launched, and RunBit DAO APP users can get the $RT rewards through the exercise.

Universal Basic Asset: Reintegration of on-chain relationships

Stanley Milgram, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, proposed the theory of Six Degrees of Separation, there will be no more than six people between you and any stranger, that is to say, there will be no more than six degrees of separation between you and any stranger. You can meet any stranger through the middleman. The theory of Six Degrees of Separation is a good illustration of a network structure, which strengthens the connection and connection relationship between different nodes. However, it is not complete, but to a large extent, it allows people to have a deep understanding and exploration of human society in the information age.


Universal Basic Asset (UBA) aims to analyze users and their relationship through research, and introduce the concept of UBI (UBI proposes to issue a certain amount of funds unconditionally to everyone as its basic income to solve the growing inequality and unemployment caused by automation), through token incentives for fair distribution, transfer the user relationship that originally existed off-chain to the chain, establish a user relationship network on the chain, and use the UBA network rating and analysis mechanism, in conjunction with PageRank and other algorithms, to achieve the accurate analysis for users, open to Web 3.0 developers to use, build a SocialFi network with privacy protection and Decentralized Identity (DID) system in Web 3.0.


There are three basic analysis units in the UBA network: User, Relationship and Group. The user is the subject of behavior. The relationship refers to the association formed between users through invitation and communication. The group refers to the collection of relationships between users.

In the UBA network, the user is the subject and the smallest unit in the network structure, and the relationship between users is considered to be the skeleton of the UBA network and the starting point of communication activities. The relationship between users often exhibits multifaceted nature and interweaves to form a complex UBA network. The research on users and their relationships is the focus of UBA network analysis and the basis for analyzing the phenomena and data reflected by the relationship network. Deepening the understanding of UBA network user relationship can not only motivate and guide the development trend of UBA network, but also accurately and efficiently carry out information dissemination and personalized product recommendation.

Users with active behavior are called UBA network nodes, and the characteristics of nodes can reflect the influence of users. UBA analyzes nodes from the three dimensions of initiative, centrality, and activity. These nodes are often key users or KOLs.


Relationships are often manifested as invitations and interactions. Users can form vertical associations by inviting friends to join the UBA network, and users in different vertical structures form horizontal associations by teaming up. Each user is in a position of equal rights to each other, which is an intersubjective relationship of mutual recognition, interdependence and mutual influence, thus forming a huge user relationship network.

Information spreads quickly within an ethnic group, but it is more difficult to interact across ethnic groups. UBA uses algorithms such as PageRank, combined with the UBA user system, and incorporates social features to help users interact better, deepen connections, and form a more complete group relationship. Starting with the user address, UBA continuously and recursively captures relationship information to build a multi-level relationship network.


By researching and analyzing users and their relationships, UBA will form a huge on-chain user relationship network and provide it to corresponding developers.


So how to participate in the construction of UBA?

Enter the UBA official website ( in the wallet, you can directly start mining or pledge NFT mining on the page (NFT has been listed on Binance NFT and OKX NFT), and share the link on various media , invite more friends to participate in the construction of UBA. The more invitations, the greater the contribution to the ecology, and the more rewards you will get.


UBA can use the above advantages to solve the current problems better, build a new set of human relationship maps in the blockchain world, and build different social relationships and organizational structures while ensuring privacy. Promote the development of the human world.

[AMA Recap] The changer of Blockchain Game 2.0

On January 16, 2023, For Metas hosted an in-depth AMA at the HashBit community. HashBit Blockchain is a highly scalable peer-to-peer digital currency that enables industry-leading transaction speeds with negligible fees. This AMA allows hashbit users to have a deeper understanding of the entire platform of For Metas and Gloryland, an upcoming game.


Welcome to hashbit community! A very vibrant one for sure

Lets start with the introduction. Personal introduction and also what is 4metas and what it entails.

For Metas

A little bit about myself, I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017. And behind the For Metas project is my team, our team was born with a mission to create a leading web3 application ecosystem and has many blockchain and game partnerships and communities in East and Southeast Asia, such as COCOS-BCX, LINK3, EthereumFair, Mail3 and sure, Hash Bit as well. You can check in our discord channel #partnerships under LEARN FOR METAS IN MINS.

Team members of For Metas have been working in the entertainment industry for years, covering the space of games, movies, and high tech companies. For Metas has also received millions of funds in its seed round from well-known individual & institutional investors, we will disclose the detailed information at a certain stage. This investment will enable For Metas to develop and grow while adding more valuable changes to the entertainment industry across a longer time expectancy.


Great! the team have alot of experience.

To our next question:

For metas is a Web 3 gaming dapps. What does it offer different from other gaming app?Am sure they are alot of things that you offer.

For Metas

Well. That’s a good question. The content on For Metas platform is quite unique. We are the first one to integrate games, live streaming, social, Metaverse,AR/VR, and other features probably in the coming future.

Then nobody is building an aggregated web3 application like we do. If you find yourself dividing your time between your computer, your games console, your streaming application and your stereo. Then For Metas is definitely a place for you to go, all the best dapps for you to have fun let out your steam while having a chance to earn.

So coming to the earning part, most people might be interested in, you know, most gamefi projects. They have a really short life circle, and it’s more like a game of “Pass the Parcel”, needing constant inflow of users and funds to support the survival of the game. Though the traditional game with a millions downloads can suffer from this short-life problem and is kinda inevitable. In For Meta’s case, we’ll launch and incubate 10–20 games, and this means platform users can constantly have new experiences and we also solve the above problem by injecting vitality through new ones.

What’s more, even For Metas NFTs is recyclable, It allows users to use a single asset across the “borders” between multiple games. That is to say, one game asset can be used in another game, even across categories. In contrast with other NFTs that quickly lose its value after the “death”of the game, For Metas NFTs have the potential to preserve or even appreciate in value.


Wow I like your way of approach. You team is great! Then we move to next question.

Most of our members just knew that you have established a partnership with Hashbit blockchain. Can you share more details about the partnership?

For Metas

HashBit is a highly scalable peer-to-peer digital currency that enables industry-leading transaction speeds with negligible fees. And For Metas is building an aggregated application platform that provides a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for users. Our goal is to build a one-stop hub for users to gain access to various entertainment resources including but not limited to blockchain games, live streaming, social Dapp, metaverse and AR/VR within one platform in a fast, secured, permissionless, incentivized and decentralized way.

We aim to bring together specialists from many sectors to create Web3-native entertainment ecosystem! Gaming, streaming, and virtual life.Create, listen to, watch, and play many forms of entertainment with us under the core tokenomics of $4MW.

To achieve this, we need a strong partner and community. We think HashBit is a very nice project and satisfies these conditions very well. We will discuss more cooperation possibilities in the future.


Great. Hashbit blockchain scalability is unmatched. We are happy big companies like For metas actually noticed it. Then I am a big fan of games.
What games do you offer for us gamers? And also share details about rewards.

For Metas

We mentioned before that we will launch around 10 games on For Metas a year. And they are different kinds.

For example, we are super happy to announce our first game, Glory Land, is going to launch soon. Actually, our team has been working almost entirely on this game for a long time. Glory Land is a classic mobile IDLE game with stunning artistic beauty.

As for the gameplay, there are two battling modes: PVE and PVP. As mentioned above, players can also choose to skip battle, but a challenge roll is required. Apart from the main gameplay, players can also farm $4MW tokens with their NFTs. That means players can earn passive income even without playing the game.If you are a social person, you might also join the guild family by searching for other guilds or establishing their guild. Within the guild, you can exchange resources, such as sharing game tips and trading and exchanging heroes.

And I know most of you guys might be interested in how to play to earn. So in Glory Land, you can participate in the PVP and PVE battle, and earn NFT in the game process which can be used to synthesize mystery boxes and then sell in the marketplace for profit.

Another great way to earn is by staking your NFT card. The amount of rewards you get depends on the tier of your NFTs. The higher tier NFT means more reward, also, by utilizing the upgrading system and players can earn higher staking income. In addition, in the game, the top players on the heroes list split up the individual and guild pools worth tens of thousands of dollars respectively.

That is mean you can earn NFT for selling from the game. And the NFT can be traded or mine $4mw as well.

You can get $4MW by NFT Mining. Apart from this, there is no more output of $4MW from any game under any circumstances. So there are only 2 ways to get $4MW. One is holding NFT to join NFT Mining, and the other is buying $4MW tokens on pancake or other market. So the price of $4MW will be easier to pump up because there is no massive selling off.


A lot of good ideas. Passive income. And also good for gamers.

What is the expected day for HBiT intergration?

For Metas

Even this is not sure that but we believe it is coming soon.


Oky we are looking forward to it soon. Guys check out For metas website:
For Metas (

Now we can open group for all to ask there personal questions.


How far did your first game go? Is there a prototype?

For Metas

Yes. Sure. Now we are doing beta testing for R card and above holders:


Would you consider adding some hashbit themed products if you decide to cooperate with HashBIT? Like hashbit themed nfts or something like that. Or easter eggs in your games?

For Metas

Of course, we have plans to let users decide to add some new elements through proposals and voting in the community, such as NFT heroes and so on.

We very much welcome user suggestions in our discord — gloryland channel.


Will there be a Chinese version? Is there a Chinese group in this project?

For Metas

Yes there is Chinese version of Gloryland. Regarding the chat group, there are some volunteers in discord and they share the WeChat group there. I think you can find and join them


Is 4metas going to integrate their systems as part of the partnership with hashbit to boast the nft & gaming platform

For Metas

As we mentioned earlier, we will have more and more in-depth cooperation with Hashbit. But it is still in the confidential stage, so stay tuned.


Is this testing limited to R card holders? If yes,how do one hold R card

For Metas

Yes. Only R card user or above can join the testing. For the R card, there are 2 ways to get. One is join our activities to win and the other is buying the mystery boxes with 10usdt


My question you know maybe we call it the bull market, but when it’s difficulties, i mean when next we experience bear market dose the project have enough funds to push marketing, because a lot of dev usually abandon their project when it’s hardship, so are you guys going to stay for long and fight the bear market?

For Metas

Our team has more than 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, so we have experienced many bull and bear markets and understand how to operate under such circumstances.

Winners Announced for the“Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022”

—ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022” was successfully held

On January 17, 2023, the “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022 ” hosted by Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) was successfully held.


ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022” is one of the most comprehensive awards event hosted by ABGA. It aims to build a highly professional influence in the blockchain industry in Asia and worldwide. The first ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022” fully guaranteed the authority of the selection results with a substantial expert jury and a complete evaluation mechanism including the community voting process. ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022” set up 8 categories of awards, and they are Most Influential Blockchain Games, Most Influential Comprehensive Projects, Most Influential Crypto Media, Most Influential Investment Institutions, Most Promising Game Projects, Most Popular Game Projects, Most Popular NFT Projects, and Most Popular Web3 Communities. All these awards are set to recognize and encourage industry institutions and practitioners who are bravely building with innovation and pioneering in this industry.

The final winners for the ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022” were officially announced on the afternoon of January 17. Representatives from each award category gave their acceptance speeches and 2023 Roadmap at the awards ceremony.

The ceremony’s three most blockbuster awards are: Most Popular Game Projects, Most Popular NFT Projects and Most Popular Web3 Communities. Candidate that competed for the awards were selected by registering on the ABGA website or nominating by the community.

From January1st to 13th, ABGA received more than 20,000 votes from web3 communities, and the final winners for the three awards were determined by the voting results on January 13th.

Here are the Top 20 projects from each mentioned category that prevailed in the competitive voting (In no particular order):

TOP 20 for Most Popular Game Projects:

Defina, Tap Fantasy, Gameta, Guild of Guardians, Drunk Robots, Upland, X World Games, Big Time, The Next World, Evermoon, MMMM(Make Music, Make Mess), Orbit Meta, Owlando, Era7: Game of Truth, MEEET, FOTA, Galaxy Blitz, Mirror World, Sakura Planet, MetaToyCity

TOP 20 for Most Popular NFT Projects

Element, Mimic Shhans, Azuki, Dr.Ji, Soulda16, Pudgy Penguins, Theirsverse, NFTGO, WonderPals, DeGods, CheersUP, ON1 Force, Magic Eden, tofuNFT, FindTruman, Nswap, VOKA AI, DGG Network, NFTSTAR, Kunoichi Gakuen

TOP 20 for Most Popular Web3 Communities

Moledao, METAERA, Treasure Dao, Guildfi, YGG SEA, Avocado Guild, IndiGG, Everland DAO, Pro Gamer DAO, Force Community, Kommunitas, Nova Global, GStar, Assure, GrowthBoom, DeGame, Club Salad, Galaxy Blitz, Melody, DGG Network

In addition to the three most popular awards, the event also featured five significant awards: Most Influential Blockchain Games, Most Influential Comprehensive Projects, Most Influential Crypto Media, Most Influential Investment Institutions and Most Promising Game Projects. The nomination of the above awards was based on publicly available data throughout 2022 and the recommendation from one of ABGA’s Diamond or Platinum Members. Winners were evaluated by a panel of professional judges through many criteria.

Here are the top teams from each category (In no particular order):

TOP 20 for Most Influential Blockchain Games

Axie Infinity, Gala Games, StepN, Mobox, Star Atlas, Aavegotchi, Defi Kingdoms, Alien Worlds, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, League of Kingdoms, Tiny World, Thetan Arena, Era7:Game of Truth, Tap Fantasy, Ultimate Champions, Illuvium, Benji Bananas, The Sandbox, Big Time

TOP 20 for Most Influential Comprehensive Projects

Protocol Labs, Klaytn, Polygon, Monsta Chain, NFTb, UKISS, Enjinstarter, IOST, YGG, XPLA, Marblex, Node Real, Footprint, Degame, Lingose, Ipolloverse, NFTStar, Element, Mix Marvel, Castbox

TOP 20 for Most Influential Crypto Media

Cointelegraph Chinese, Blockcast, Metainsight, BlockTides, MetaEra, Edge of NFT, CryptonewZ, MarsBit, PANews, Coinlive, Odaily, Jinse Finance, 8BTC, BitAddict, Foresight News, BlockBeats, ChainCatcher, Coinvoice, Voice Of Crypto, Blocklike

TOP 40 for Most Influential Investment Institutions

FBG Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital, Cryptomeria Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Koi Capital, Mint Ventures, 2140 Ventures, Bing Ventures, Huobi Ventures, Kucoin Ventures, MEXC Ventures, CGV FoF, BKEX Labs, Avatar Capital, Plutus. VC, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Big Candle Capital, Krust, Polygon Ventures, IBG Capital, Lead Capital, Foresight Ventures, CryptoBuddy, IOSG, Hashkey, A&T Capital, Fenbushi Capital, NGC Ventures, LD Capital, HG Ventures, OKX Blockdream Ventures, TrueGlobalVentures, Binxin Ventures, Cipholio Ventures, Binance Labs, SNZ Capital, ROK Capital, Animoca Brands

TOP 10 for Most Promising Game Projects

X Rush, Mythic Protocol, Fantaverse, Seeds, Atlantis, Klaydice, Iskra, The Beacon, Honor World, WebCityClub

Congratulations to all the winners in the ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022”! In 2023, ABGA will keep promoting the further development in blockchain gaming!

About ABGA

ABGA, known as Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, is an ecological alliance established by leading institutions in the global blockchain industry. Through various online and offline activities and the latest industry analysis and discussion, ABGA’s members are combined to discover, invest and incubate potential projects to promote the vigorous development of blockchain games. Since establishment, ABGA has recruited more than 100 members and has covered more than 100K users.


JUNE, make your WEB3.0 investment safer

On February 3, 2022, Wormhole, one of the largest bridges between blockchains and the main bridge connecting Ethereum and Solana, was hacked and 120,000 ETH, about 3.2 One hundred million U.S. dollars.

Since the birth of DeFi, it has been accompanied by countless risks. Although the value of many DeFi projects has been explosively doubling, hacking incidents have also intensified. According to Rekt data, there will be 161 hacking incidents in the DeFi field in 2021, with losses as high as US$1.86 billion, a year-on-year increase of nearly 1,000%. Financial security issues such as malicious cheating series of supervisory nodes and hacker attacks cannot be ignored.

JUAN is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform initiated by IPFS Mining DAO, which provides a next-generation financial model and allows users to conduct more secure financial interactions on the blockchain.

As the leading project of DeFi 3.0, it is completely different from the previous decentralized financial platforms. Its self-developed Alloy 3 technology has enhanced the regulatory rules of the protocol and brought a new breakthrough in DID+P2P technology for transaction security. The “ZKP zero-knowledge proof” and “multi-signature” technologies included in Alloy 3 greatly enhance the security of smart contracts. When conducting a transaction, the loan contract wallet requires two of the three parties to provide private key authorization to call the contract. According to the smart contract rules, it would require all 10 custodian nodes to collude with the borrower, assuming common cheating or fraud, and the probability of this happening is almost zero.

JUNE not only has a solid technical implementation plan, but also has a keen market insight and a mature operating strategy. In JUAN, users can interact directly, which means that no human intervention is required, making financial interactions more robust and efficient.

It is believed that JUNE will create a financial system that is truly owned by users, rather than being built, operated and controlled by a few large technology companies, to create a solid foundation for WEB3. An era that belongs to JUNE!

[AMA Recap]An in-depth look at For Metas and its first gaming app, Gloryland

On January 13, 2023, For Metas hosted a very in-depth AMA at the Crypto Sphere community from India. This AMA allows more new users to have a deeper understanding of the entire platform of For Metas and Gloryland, an upcoming game.

Crypto Sphere:

Before the start of the AMA, let me briefly introduce the process of today’s AMA. The AMA today will be having 3 segments:

1) Introduction

  • The Guest will introduce the project for you in a very common way , and later The Host and The Guest will go through some questions and answers

2) Twitter Questions

  • Five selected questions from Twitter along with link will be pasted in telegram group

3) Telegram Quiz

  • For Metas questions, the user who answers correctly the fastest will be rewarded with an R card

We will select 5 questions from Twitter who will get N CARDS and 1 winner of telegram quiz will get R CARD. Hope you guys understand. Let’s start
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More than just Play to Earn, the innovation path of BTCFISH

Beginning in 2021, Gamefis have ushered in a high-speed channel of development.The endless stream of Gamefis has given rise to a blowout trend in the market.Among them are some rising stars who stand out from many competitors with their excellent game design.BTCFISH is one of them One, this is a Gamefi ecosystem that is participated by players from all over the world and believes in earning while playing + continuous value-added.With the game screen that makes players frantically click and the playability of leisure and decompression, it has been popular all over the world since its launch.set off a huge boom.



The secondary market continues to heat up, and the BTCFISH ecology is booming

BTCFISH is a new Gamefi that combines Play to Earn, NFT equipment collection and PVP/PVE battles.It aims to hunt deep-sea fish.Players can earn more gold coins by constantly upgrading their turret NFT.Game screen The style is gorgeous, and the strange fish schools in the deep sea make players immerse themselves in a pleasant underwater world; rich game modes + various turret props + super high return blessings, completely conquer the mysterious underwater world, and plunder the rare deep sea Fish species realizes earning while playing, and establishes a Gamefi ecology based on the dual combination of NFT+ games driven by global players.

At present, BTCFISH is showing a vigorous development trend, the consensus ecology continues to expand, and the application ecology and commercial implementation are steadily advancing.It is worth mentioning that the BTCFISH ecological token BFC has also ushered in a brilliant performance recently.According to dex screener data, BFC The heat in the secondary market has ushered in a new round of highs, with a 24-hour increase of over 38.09%, and the recent highest increase of 342.48%, setting a milestone again.A dose of “heart booster”.

Explore the BTCFISH Gamefi ecology

1. Game arena

BTCFISH There are seven game scenes in the game, including Gold Rush gold rush field, Duel horn fishery, Arena arena, Football football field, Dragon Tiger Dragon and Tiger Competition, Private room private room and BTC fishing ground bit fishery. At present, players can participate in the gold mining field, and the rest of the field mode will be open in BTCFISH2.0.

2. Battery

Players need to buy and cooperate with bullets to join fishing gold. The battery in BTCFISH is divided into 6 levels from low to high. The higher the battery level, the battle strength and health, the daily bullet supply can be increased accordingly, and the final gold income can also become higher.

3. Game token:BFC

BFC is the only ecological token of BTCFISH, which can be obtained through in-game game play and resource rewards (for example, automatically redeemed for BFC through gold field play “Gold Rush”), or through the secondary market. BFC is mainly used for the purchase, competition and voting of in-game items. In the future, BTCFISH will launch more enabling scenarios around BFC.

4. Multiple application ecology

BTCFISH Committed to building a converged Gamefi + NFT + DAO + metauniverse + Web3 concept of Gamefi application ecology, based on DAO autonomous mode, Gamefi core gameplay mode, NFT props, exclusive meta-universe world and Web3 technology, to create a new BTCFISH multi-application ecology.


As you can see, BTCFISH changed the traditional fishing game fragmentation, connect each player, and based on NFT build value sharing network, officially open Gamefi chain a new era of the world swim, the continuation of classic fishing game charm features, rich variety of session changes, NFT fort equipment powerful blessing, open crazy sweep each big Marine fish, more generous rewards waiting for you, come to join!

BTCFISH Website: https: / /

BTCFISH Twitter: http: / /

BTCFISH Telegram: https: / /