Gleneagle securities will invest $20 million to deploy kns ecosystem

Gleneagle securities will invest $20 million to deploy kns ecosystem
In 2021, gleneagle company carried out exploration in the field of Web3 finance. After more than a year of preparation, it first launched the kns stock game segment at the end of 2022.

Kns ecology is the bottom layer of blockchain technology developed based on rust language and move smart contract, aiming to build the world’s largest online clearing system. As the core part of kns ecological community construction, kns stock games provide a fair, open and data transparent platform for all participating players.

The whole kns ecological investment is divided into three stages, totaling 20 million dollars.
In the initial round of the Kns stock game sector, 2 million US dollars (not limited to US dollars) will be sent to the founding team of KNS in September 2022 as the project start-up fund.

The world’s first real investment DAO and social DAO

In the investment industry, retail investors are always on the weak and harvested side.Is there any method to change the weakness of individual investors so that they could fight against even exceed institutions? It would be so hard, basically impossible, in other industries; however, we could make it in the blockchain industry. In the blockchain industry, we could get multiple individual investors united to form an “investment + socialization” DAO, whose strength could exceed the traditional investment institutions.

1.What Is DAO

The current organizations do not exist all the time. For example, “company” did not exist all the time but occurred to the need to get used to the socialized mass production of the market economy at the beginning of the 16th century; and it has gone through several hundred years of development to be what we could see now. Along with the development of blockchain technology, a new human organizational synergy comes to the stage. This is DAO.

DAO is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization and an organization structure based on the core idea of blockchain with the implementation of decentralization, which is derived from the collaborative behavior of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and sharing spontaneously generated by groups reaching the same consensus. In the essence, DAO is an embodiment of the application of blockchain technology, which is a revolutionary evolution in the history of human cooperation. The appearance of DAO is a new social model experiment through the development of blockchain technology to have decentralization of power. It is a necessary output for social development, and it is also people’s demand and desire for power or governance power.

In the imaginary and ideal DAO system, management is coded, programming and automated. “Code is law”, which is the purpose complied by the cryptocurrency world. The organization is changed from pyramid-shaped to distributed, and power has been modified from centralized to decentralized. Management is upgraded from a bureaucratic system to community autonomy. The organization running does not need the company but the highly autonomous community.

The community adheres to the principles of equality, voluntariness and mutual benefit; and it is driven by the mutual resource endowment, complementary advantages and win-win interests. Everybody plays their own strengths to push the entire community to march forward.

2.What is Valiant DAO

Valiant DAO is a powerful organization composed of many individual investors with different backgrounds, strengths, values and expertise. The vision of Valiant DAO is to let each DAO member gain sufficient spiritual wealth and material wealth from Valiant DAO.

There have been all kinds of DAO in the market, such as Investment DAO, Grants DAO, Collector DAO, Protocol DAO, Service DAO, Social DAO, Media Dao, etc. Valiant DAO belongs to the combination of Investment DAO and Social DAO, i.e. the “investment + socialization” DAO.

3.Structure and Running Rule of Valiant DAO

Valiant DAO NFT is the right certificate for the Valiant DAO system. The entire Valiant DAO system is equipped with 10 thousands independent Valiant DAO NFTs. Anyone could join Valiant DAO to be a member of Valiant DAO when having one Valiant DAO NFT, and they could enjoy all kinds of welfare and rights of Valiant DAO. Meanwhile, those who do not hold the Valiant DAO NFT for all reasons would quit Valiant DAO and could not enjoy the welfare or rights.


Organization Chart of Valiant DAO:

Management Committee is the highest management decision-making institution of Valiant DAO to be in charge of five departments, including the foundation, investment research department, ministry of commerce, technology department and event planning department. There are 5 managers on the management committee. The managers are selected from the DAO members who participate in the campaign. The term of office is 2 years, and they could be renewable. During the change of the term of office, any DAO member with more than 5 Valiant DAO NFTs could participate in the campaign, and the top 5 DAO members with the highest votes could be the managers of the next term. The salary of the foundation manager is paid by the foundation; however, the manager gets no salary in the first session but gains it monthly from the second session. The specific amount would be confirmed by the proposal. The term of manager would be automatically relieved of the office once there have less than 5 Valiant DAO NFTs during the employment. DAO members could impeach a manager, and the impeachment would be successful if the proposal gains more than one-third of the votes (10000/3=3333.33). For all reasons, there would be a campaign for managers to fill in the vacant post once there are less than 5 managers.

The supervisors of the five departments, foundation, investment research department, ministry of commerce, technology department and event planning department, must be the DAO members who must have no less than 2 Valiant DAO NFTs. When the DAO members apply for the campaign for supervisors, each Valiant DAO NFT has 1 vote, and each committee manager has 100 votes respectively (except for the number of NFT votes held by the manager as a DAO member). The one with the highest votes would be the supervisors of the department. The term of office of the supervisors is 2 years. The manager of the management committee could work as the supervisor of the department. One supervisor could be dismissed with the approval of more than half of the managers of the management committee. When there is a vacant post for a certain supervisor, the management committee should set about the campaign for the organization supervisor. During the post vacancy of a supervisor in a certain department, the management committee should coordinate an acting manager to act as the supervisor so that the department could keep working normally.

4.Rights for Joining Valiant DAO

  1. Have the Chance to Participate in High-quality Projects at the First Time

  2. Get the Free Airdrop

  3. Get the High-quality Network Circle

  4. Get Much More Investment Opportunities

  5. Get the Profit Dividend of Valiant DAO Operation Projects

  6. Get the Return of NFT Appreciation

5.Development Planning

(1)Running the Private Investment Funds

Most people are unsuitable for making investments, and they may not make a profit even if they were informed of a good project. They won’t join the project in the early period but enter it till it is soaring, or they just gain a little project and quit the project at the wrong time, or they would have a poor capital distribution among multiple projects… In conclusion, investment has a higher requirement for the comprehensive ability of investors, and most people would be hard to end up with a good result when relying on their own ability.

Valiant DAO has resources, channels and professional abilities, and the investment ability is much better than that of most institutions. A private investment fund would be established to make investments in blockchain projects. The private investment fund is only open for the DAO members, so others must hold Valiant DAO NFT to be the DAO members if they want to join the fund. The running process of the fund would be maximally open, and all fund investors could see the running situation of the funds during the running process so as to ensure the capital security for the investors.

(2)Running Company Within the Metaverse Projects

Metaverse is a tendency. Metaverse projects would be increased continuously in the next few years, and the market would be more and more mature. The metaverse is a virtual world, and there would be all kinds of companies. Valiant DAO would set up real estate companies, gaming companies, amusement parks, car rental companies, and aircraft rental companies in the metaverse, and parts of the profits generated by these companies would be distributed to the DAO members each year.

(3)Development of Ecological Projects

As an organization, Valiant DAO would have a layout of ecology in the future to develop projects in all modules, such as developing metaverse, Defi and other new modules in the future.

Many people believe that Valiant DAO will shine in the web3 era, we will wait and see.

A new generation of “DAO” organization – Fa DAO, returning all power to the community

DAO is “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. In the development of blockchain technology, new technologies continue to emerge, and new hotspots emerge one after another, from DeFi, public chain and NFT to Web3.0, GameFi and SocialFi, and Web3.0. As the cornerstone of the governance mechanism in the blockchain world, “DAO” has become one of the most important hot spots.

Fa DAO is a brand-new organizational form and business model, featuring decentralization, autonomy, and the return of all power and interests to the community. Its original three economic mechanisms of “providing liquidity is mining”, “liquidity self-growth”, and “double destruction” (transaction destruction + repurchase destruction), the product model and economic model are all automatically completed by smart contracts, open source on The product has been running safely for a long time and has been widely praised by blockchain technology experts and community users.

In order to comply with the development trend of the blockchain industry, Fa DAO has been fully upgraded and adopted a new economic model. Fa DAO will no longer conduct mining output and additional issuance, and users no longer need to worry about the selling pressure generated by Fa mining. Each transaction generates 10% of the DAO handling fee, of which 5% is allocated to liquidity providers, who will become one of the most important beneficiaries of the system; 5% is directly destroyed, and the output of Fa will no longer increase. Under the premise of the ultimate destruction, all Fa holders will benefit. Fa DAO will become a market stabilizer, play the role of “cutting peaks and filling valleys”, and help Fa’s intrinsic value to achieve a stable increase. Fa DAO has four outstanding characteristics, allowing some power to return to the community, and all benefits to the community users.

FaDAO mechanism is fully upgraded to create a new generation of “DAO” organization

Recently, FaDAO has carried out a comprehensive upgrade of its mechanism. In terms of economic model, stop FA mining output, each transaction generates transaction fee, 5% is allocated to liquidity providers, 5% is directly destroyed, and all Fa holders benefit; management mechanism, FaDAO management and operation The rules are encoded on the blockchain in the form of smart contracts, and all decisions are made by voting in a decentralized manner, which truly allows all power to return to the community, and all interests belong to community users.

Thanks to the improvement and opening of digital currency market regulation in recent years, digital currency and NFT platforms have become a new era of development opportunities.


In 2022, Web3 is sweeping the global venture capital circle:

In March, Microsoft participated in the investment in the Ethereum ecological development company ConsenSys, which sounded the clarion call to enter Web3;

Tencent targeted the Web3 track for the first time, announcing its participation in a US$200 million investment in Immutable, an Australian NFT game company;

Alibaba acquired the South China Morning Post, the highest-selling English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, and established an NFT company called Artifact Labs to dive deeper into Web3.

In addition, world-renowned investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital, SoftBank, and Temasek have already entered the forefront, and Wbe3 is becoming a global investment hotspot!

However, water can carry a boat or overturn it, and there are still many deficiencies and defects in the blockchain industry. Crisis of trust, black box operation, self-stealing and security issues; backward technology, primary technical architecture, applying templates; becoming a tool for hype… All these problems require users to pay, making users completely unequal in the transaction. status. Therefore, the industry needs a more professional team and a more structured technical team to complete historic changes, change the development status of exchanges, and also handle high-concurrency transactions quickly and stably, improve the efficiency and fault tolerance of the system from the bottom, and ensure users’safety. Financial security.

In this opportunity of coexistence of assets and opportunities, how to seize the opportunity and explore assets is already expected, but how to go? Maybe the answer lies in the GAEA Gaia Mother Earth


Gaea Ancient Greek Γαία, English: Gaia (Gaea) is the god of the earth in ancient Greek mythology. Gaia is described in the theogony as the mother and consort of Uronus, the god of the sky, the source of all life. The rock is also considered to be the representation of the earth and is the oldest element.


GAEA, the source code network in the era of web3.0 has been developed for more than three decades. We moved forward bit by bit from the early days of Web 1.0, dominated by static text and images, until the rise of Web 2.0 brought the Internet we know today, a web world dominated by centralized platforms. Today, we are at the beginning of the Web 3.0 era. In the era of Web 3.0, we will have ownership of data and truly own digital assets. NFT will become a value carrier, and scarce NFT works will be sold at sky-high prices. The really smart people of this age are mining and collecting valuable NFT assets. Have you caught up with the new gold rush?

GAEA, the god of the earth, is the earliest god in Greek mythology. When the world opened, she was born of Chaos. She was the mother of the gods and gave birth to many gods. The GAEA project is named after this, which represents the first force to step into the web 3.0, and the GAEA project will be the source code of the web 3.0 world.

 GX Blocks Energy was officially established in 2019. Most of the founding teams come from high-end universities such as Yale University, Columbia University and the University of California. The team mastered blockchain technology early on. In response to the web 3.0 era, they decided to create a new business model focused on addressing the market demand for blockchain technology.


The GAEA team has clear development goals. First, complete the website construction, publicity media construction, and international community construction. Then, it will start developing a decentralized trading platform. After that, it will launch NFTs and use a portion of the profits to make charitable donations.

The GAEA team has an excellent strategic vision. Through the global integration strategy, realize the integration of global development strategy, global marketing integration, global publicity and evangelism, and global digital financial construction. The GAEA building will be built gradually. Era and co-construction and sharing, consensus and win-win! The technical team of GAEA Greece GX Blocks Energy is in awe of the brilliance of the Greek 
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Ethereum Gold (ETHG) continues to maintain the original POW chain through the new POW+POS+POC multi-consensus mechanism

The upgrade of Ethereum from POW to Proof of Stake (POS) is a change in consensus mechanism and an upgrade of the underlying technology of Ethereum, which brings sustainability and scalability benefits to Ethereum, but on the other hand, customers The complexity of the terminal software will also increase, the potential attack surface of the protocol will also increase, and it will also lead to a situation where the global miners are unemployed and the miners have no coins to mine. The previous POW mechanism relied on the computing power of global mining machines to support security. When the market fluctuated too much, miners were reluctant to sell to maintain the stability of the currency price. After ETH was converted to POS, this mechanism disappeared. Without the support of physical assets, the volatility may be higher. big.

ETC, which is also the Ethash algorithm, currently has no ecology on the chain. If miners migrate their computing power to ETC, the hash rate will increase significantly, and the mining difficulty will also increase sharply. Therefore, ETC cannot catch the computing power from the original Ethereum. Miners are also reluctant to switch computing power to the ETC network.

The POS equity proof mechanism abandons the concept of blockchain decentralization. It is becoming more and more centralized and centralized, and it is more likely to be subject to global national supervision. It is prone to centralized management control and the risk of POS attacks, and attacker-controlled pledges The greater the amount of ETH, the greater the destructive power of its attack, and more miners are willing to continue to maintain the POW version of ETH, while Ethereum will no longer support POW miners after the merger.

Etherum Gold (ETHG) was initiated by Nanopool, the largest Ethereum classic mining pool. Many developers, miners, geeks, and cryptographic elites around the world spontaneously formed a technical team to seamlessly connect the POS version on the original POW version of the Ethereum network. ETH and combined with the POC consensus mechanism to form a new POW+POS+POC multi-consensus mechanism, continue to maintain the original Ethereum chain of the POW consensus mechanism, follow the road of POW, undertake the computing power of global miners, and condense the original two chains of ETC and ETH Computing power, establish supercomputing centers around the world through POC distributed storage technology, promote the security improvement of ETHG network with computing power growth and consensus mechanism upgrade, and seamlessly connect with DAPP on the ETH chain, communicate with each other, and truly realize mutual Operation, improve the scalability of the public chain, adhere to the concept of blockchain decentralization, ETHG proposes full coverage of multi-currency mining pools, and join hands with major top node mining pools at home and abroad to launch global computing power sharing, cloud computing power leasing, Pledge to obtain computing power, physical mining machine mall, etc., to lower the mining threshold, undertake the global computing power of the original Ethereum, and provide cross-chain mining of all mainstream currencies of POW graphics card types such as ETHG, ETH, ETC, etc.

ETHG has completed the first round of financing of 15 million US dollars, led by Hut 8 Mining in Canada, A16Z, Marathon Patent, Riot Blockchain, HIVE Blockchain, Dialog Semiconductor, Northern Data, and miningcity of the United States. The initial investment of 15 million US dollars was used to build ETHG The Canadian Supercomputing Center can stably provide hundreds of millions of computing power after completion, and establish ETHG distributed storage servers in 24 countries and regions around the world, providing blockchain innovation technology and consensus for more than 100 countries and all graphics card miners and consensus users. More diversified services such as data storage services.

Aehbo is using the power of blockchain to break down the Berlin Wall between football and music

“Arhbo” comes from the Arabic word “Marhaba”, which means “welcome” in Qatari slang. As the opening on November 20 approaches, people’s anticipation and enthusiasm are rising. This uplifting song will be for Qatar The landmark celebrations impart more unity and cohesion.


The official soundtrack of the Qatar World Cup aims to combine music and football, the two universal languages of the world, to create a stunning work. It brings together artists, fans and players to share their passion. The new single perfectly embodies the culture of hospitality in Qatar, and with less than three months until the World Cup kicks off, it will bring more to look forward to.

In the field of blockchain, it is also becoming more and more brilliant. The editor noticed that Arhbo, a token with the same name, is also popular recently, and they have also developed a series of cute pictures. Let’s take a look at their cute pictures comparison. 

For more cute pictures, please visit their official website

JPEX launches VISA debit cards on time, and expects to issue physical cards in the fourth quarter

Although cryptocurrencies are an asset with high volatility, investors still regard them as good investment products, especially with the number of cryptocurrencies climbing, more and more traditional investors start to set forth in cryptocurrency areas, and furtherly prompt the healthy development. Regarding the market cap, the total market cap of cryptocurrency just reaches trillions of dollars. Compared with traditional finance, the total market cap of cryptocurrency is relatively small. The cryptocurrency sector still has plenty of room for growth as a potential investment market.

The cryptocurrency market is usually based on the traditional finance market, and cryptocurrency currency products always refer to the model of traditional financial products, and even part of the funds and users are from traditional financial areas. From another respect, cryptocurrencies, as on-chain assets, are fundamentally different from traditional investments. Especially the lack of infrastructure in the crypto industry makes traditional investors hard to reach the threshold of cryptocurrencies.

JPEX is teaming up with Simplex to launch VISA debit card and provide a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp solution

At the beginning of 2022, renowned cryptocurrency exchange JPEX established a partnership with fiat-crypto payment gateway Simplex by Nuvei, meant to develop a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp solution, and make users buy cryptocurrencies with debit or credit cards. It can furtherly lower the threshold for traditional investors to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Debit or credit cards are payment vehicles commonly used by traditional financial users. JPEX uses credit debit or credit cards as intermediaries, establishes a gateway between fiat and cryptocurrency via Simplex, and will furtherly promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies everywhere, and help users and money in traditional areas enter the cryptocurrency market.


Recently, JPEX and Simplex furtherly comes to an agreement on two parties’ cooperation details: they decide to launch physical Visa debit cards in the 4th quarter of 2022. Investors can pre-order cards to get registered. With this Visa card, people can invest in cryptocurrency via fiat currency, and use cryptocurrency for payment, which is of vital importance to prompt the development of the cryptocurrency sector.


According to the report, Simplex by Nuvei is the foundation for crypto on-ramp. Simplex is a European Union licensed financial institution that aims to provide simple, seamless and secured channels to convert 100 kinds of fiat currencies into 200 kinds of cryptocurrencies, therefore disrupting the current situation of the crypto market. Simplex is actively supporting new existing contracts in the industry, cultivating, and expanding investors to add new cryptocurrency into portfolios.

JPEX is a world-renowned crypto asset service provider from Australia, maintained by developers from Japan, Australia, the United States, and many other countries together. The IAIA (Ito Arbitrage Investment App) Cryptocurrency Circular Arbitrage System originally created by the Japanese intelligent technology team allows users to gain income from more than 10 pairs of cryptocurrencies, and interest will be calculated daily.

Cryptocurrency service provide JPEX is becoming the benchmark of transboundary cooperation

JPEX, as world-renowned crypto assets service provider, continuously optimizes platform products. Except provide transaction depth and spot trade, JPEX also creatively prompts practical hedging products, for example, Recently JPEX has cooperated with REDHare to promote the first NFT INDEX contract.

Besides actively constructing its own crypto ecosystem, JPEX is also setting forth into many areas. Since the end of 2021, JPEX already collaborated with many renowned football clubs including Macarthur FC、Western Sydney Wanderers, and Western United and became their sponsors.

JPEX also teamed up with the Western Sydney Wanderers to give away 250 exclusively designed NFT “J-ball” and attracted much attention from the market. JPEX is building a “platform plus sport” new ecology around “FIFA World Cup” to deeply empower the platform token JPC.

The giant advertisement spaces of JPEX are all over Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. JPEX is the 1st multinational exchange platform to set up billboards around many countries. JPEX is regulated and licensed to engage in cryptocurrency activities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other countries. Recently, it successfully applied for a crypto service provider license in Luxemburg, which means it can legally conduct business in many areas. Since last year, JPEX is actively building operation teams all over the world with the base of keeping the platform developing healthily, and the business is also marching into Dubai. Besides, JPEX will open the world’s 1st physical NFT R&D headquarter in Australia. The R&D headquarter is going to open this year to connect the real world with the Web3 world via NFT. A series of layouts of JPEX is setting a great foundation for its globalization strategy.

In a word, JPEX is the crypto ecology with the fastest pace in globalized layout. It is also using real action to promote the deep integration between the crypto world and the traditional world, to make more people know, acknowledge, and get in touch with the platform, and finally become sticky crypto investors. JPEX’s launching the VISA debit card with Simplex is also a milestone for the development of JPEX’s ecology, and hopefully will bring a huge number of users and improve brand awareness.




Twitter: (@ExchangeJpex)

Facebook: (Jpex Exchange)

Instagram: ( @Jpex_official)

Youtube: (JPEX Japan Exchange)

World premiere! Japanese famous cartoonist Mori Tsunji autograph, anime IP “HOLYLAND” series NFT released on ANIMETA!

Recently, the animation NFT platform ANIMETA and Japan’s well-known cartoonist Mori Heng Er teacher reached cooperation, the launch of the “HOLYLAND” series of NFT, the world’s first total of five NFT works, other works will be online one after another; it is reported, “HOLYLAND” series of NFT are personally created by Mr Mori Heng Er , ANIMETA exclusive release, each NFT have the author’s autograph!


ANIMETA official website:


NFT selling price: 80 USDT

NFT selling time:.

Japan time September 6, 2022, 19:00

New York time 06:00 on September 6, 2022

September 6, 2022, 10:00 CET (Greenwich Mean Time)

Bangkok time 18:00 on September 6, 2022

Beijing time 18:00 on September 6, 2022

Japanese super popular fighting anime <HOLYLAND>

HOLYLAND” is the debut work of Mr. Mori Tsunji, who created a realistic fighting manga based on his own experience in street fighting and practice of fighting techniques as a teenager. The excellent plot, realistic fighting scenes and careful explanation of street fighting skills based on one’s own experience give readers a strong sense of reality and immersion, and are even revered as the bible of street fighting. This time, ANIMETA’s “HOLYLAND” series NFT is dedicated to bringing back the glory of the past in the global perspective.

Renowned Anime Writer Tsunehji Mori

Mori Tsunji, born in Tokyo, is a famous Japanese anime writer. His manga books include “HOLYLAND”, “Suicide Island”, “Unable Island”, “Sabotage X Revolution”, etc. His parents encouraged him to become a professional baseball player, but in junior high school, inspired and influenced by a fighting anime “Ganbare Genki”, he found himself more suitable for drawing, and Tsunji Mori decided to become a manga artist, and a long road of manga creation began.

In 2000, Mr. Mori’s work “HOLYLAND” became a hit, and the manga was later made into a TV series by a Korean film company starring Shin Dong-ho, depicting the process of a small, cowardly protagonist who begins to practice and become proficient in various martial arts such as boxing, taekwondo, judo, and wrestling.

Currently, Sensei Mori Hangji has entered into a partnership with ANIMETA platform. In order to let more people know about “HOLYLAND”, Mori Tsunji-sensei posted on his personal Twitter saying, “Releasing the NFT illustration series “HOLYLAND” on ANIMETA is a brand new attempt, and I myself am constantly figuring it out, enjoying the charm of NFT illustration creation while continuing to bring you better works.”

ANIMETA Platform Introduction

ANIMETA platform is positioned as an open and aggregated anime NFT trading platform, covering functions and gameplay such as NFT asset creation, circulation, storage and trading. Taking NFT as the entry point, it links the upstream and downstream of the traditional animation industry and systematically builds a platform for outstanding animation creators with works on the chain, open trading and derivatives-related market as the core. It breaks the boundaries of space through the interactive experience of virtual and real integration, creates a new anime meta-universe, and allows creators and ANIMETA to quickly establish a connection with each other.

At present, ANIMETA has launched its official website as well as IOS and Android App.

ANIMETA official website

It is worth mentioning that ANIMETA platform APP application consists of trading market, NFT distribution, auction, DMW area, etc. At present, the APP home page is online 5 “HOLYLAND” series NFT, other NFT works will be online one after another.

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ANIMETA’s future outlook

As a brand new concept market, metaverse has great potential for expansion in various fields, which is one of ANIMETA’s important strategic layout at present. In the future, ANIMETA will continue to sign up popular animation IPs, develop virtual characters, virtual idols, virtual entertainment and other meta-universe ecologies with the advantage of its own platform for animation creators, so that various animation and star IPs can be virtualized as “entities” and open a unique path of meta-universe creation. Revive the past glory of anime industry? Will ANIMETA be able to revive the past glory of the anime industry and push the industry towards a new development trend? Let’s wait and see!



Torah’s Title Contributes to the Successful Conclusion of “WEB3 and Data Storage Global Development Summit

On August 23, 2022, sponsored by Web3 Infrastructure Technology Federation, named by Torah, co-hosted by Chinese Information Network, Torah Chinese Language Hall, and Evangelistic Finance, MO Capital (US), SparkLabs, Distributed Fog Database, ChatPay, Foggy Swap , MetaHero, MetaPlayer, Meta X strategic support, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China National People’s Association Distributed Storage Committee as special empowering organizations, co-organized by CCN Alliance, “WEB3 and Data Storage Global Development Summit” organized by Hot Chain Culture Media The event ended successfully at the Sofitel Hangzhou Crown.

With the theme of focusing on the development of Web3 & data storage, this conference invites multiple institutions, leading enterprises, and well-known industry pioneers to attend and discuss the forward-looking perspectives of Web3.0 and future multi-industry evolution.

WeChat picture_20220823175503

At the beginning of the meeting, Han Shiwang, a digital economy technical expert from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, chief economist of think tanks, and director of the expert committee of Zhejiang think tanks, delivered a speech. He said: “In the development path of national economic development, the Internet occupies the most important strategic significance. Internet technology The advancement and backwardness of Web 3.0 will be related to the development process of the market-oriented economy. Under the globalized Internet development process, Web 3.0 is the main theme of today’s world development. Whoever masters the core technology and market of Web 3.0 first will master the future market and master the The right to be the master of the Internet world.” Under the ideological guidance of Director Han Shiwang, this Web 3.0 and Data Storage Global Development Summit will target the Web 3.0 blue ocean, and focus on the Web 3.0 market development and storage technology focus.

WeChat picture_20220823175226

Afterwards, Liao Bodi, Ph.D. in economics, an expert in the theory and practice of chain reform, and vice chairman of the Digital Economy Branch of China Communications Industry Association, gave a keynote speech “On the Infrastructure of Web3”. Starting from the development process of the Web Internet, he deeply analyzed the Web1 How does .0 move towards the Web3.0 era? He also mentioned that the most important underlying digital infrastructure of Web3.0 is “computing power”. It has been listed as the category of sunrise industry. At present, the domestic government and mega-enterprises are still continuing to increase their computing power distribution. Individuals can also participate in the industry dividends by deploying distributed computing power storage ecosystems such as Torah and CCN Network.

WeChat picture_20220823175119

Then the host invited a Ph.D. in economics. He Chenkun, who won the “Most Contribution Award” for the annual technology application issued by the China Blockchain Industry Alliance in 2021, took the stage to bring the audience a keynote speech on “Torah WEB 3.0 Application Ecology”, he said The development of the entire Internet can be described in three stages. Web1.0 is actually the product of 1G and 2G communication technologies; Web2.0 is the product of 3G and 4G communication technologies; Web3.0 is actually an upgrade of 5G and 6G technologies. product. The most important thing about Web3 is the underlying facility “distributed storage”, and Torah was born based on this background.

Torah is the world’s first distributed storage star based on POD data interaction. Compared with other distributed storage solutions, Torah’s advantage lies in optimizing the data storage process. Distributed, low carbon, energy reduction, decentralization. In the Torah ecosystem, data not only returns to users, but even generates additional value.

WeChat picture_20220823175007

After the theme sharing, the roundtable “Current and Future of Web3” was officially opened. The roundtable was hosted by blockchain veteran Alan SunJet, Yuan Zhengzhong, founding partner of Yidao Capital, JoKia YIN, founder of Innoverview, Yujian Chain, researcher of Asian Blockchain Industry Research Institute, Zhejiang Cultural Industry Association, Cai Jianfeng, deputy director of the Digital Economy Special Committee, and Mr. Chai, founder of the evangelism blockchain and Metalink founder, participated as roundtable guests.

In this roundtable discussion, all the guests expressed their opinions on the theme of Web3. Among them, Yuan Zhengzhong said that Web3 is the trend of the times, and how to adapt to and grasp the trend of the times is the key; participating in the dividend of the Web3 industry, the improvement of cognition is particularly important; Jokia YIN said that with the advent of Web3.0, data will return to users themselves, Data can generate real value. If the individual is supported by strong funds, it is a good choice to become a B-end user to participate in the ecological construction of computing power. . Cai Jianfeng said that only by embracing Web3 can we have the freedom to convert numbers into assets. Mr. Chai said that Web3 is different from Web2. It is a revolutionary breakthrough technology. In the future, Web3 will be a new era of combining virtual and real. There are many industry opportunities waiting for you to discover. As the discussion of the round table got better and better, the guests shared their unique views and insights in their respective fields, and the content was splendid.

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After the roundtable discussion, Su Rushi, Chairman of Hong Kong Zhongding Capital, brought a theme to share “The Opportunities and Challenges of Web3″. He said that the strong wind of the digital economy is coming, and the blockchain field is a very fast-growing field. With the continuous development of the blockchain industry, industrial blockchainization is the biggest highlight of promoting blockchain to empower the real economy.” Most people only see the financial attributes of blockchain, but do not see the industry of blockchain Attributes. After half a year of “recovery period”, the entire market has entered an “overheating period”, which is a golden node for innovation, entrepreneurship and future layout. With the advent of the Web3.0 era, the key point is to make distributed storage a data asset and “Amplifier”, we cannot embrace the blockchain in the way of blind people touching the elephant, we must understand it with a new way of thinking, and distributed storage will become the lowest level of infrastructure.

Su Rushi

Then, the well-known YouTube koL King Jiji brought a theme to share “Torah Ecological Application MetaHero”. She deeply analyzed the birth history of MetaHero from market prospects, industry pain points, and solutions. MetaHero is a “decentralized Web3.0 MoBa game” based on a commercial blockchain distributed database system (FDB). MetaHero is positioned at the platform ecological traffic entrance. It not only has a variety of NFT gameplay, exclusive virtual characters, but also allows others to develop games based on the MetaHero game engine.

King Gigi

Then, as a major part of this conference, the Toarh Asia-Pacific Community Genesis Node Awarding Ceremony was officially opened. The host invited 15 representatives of the creation nodes of the Asia-Pacific community, including Principal San Shao of Torah Chinese Language Hall, Chen Xiaochen, Chairman of Shanghai Shuaizun Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Fang Yuan, Chairman of Shanghai Xuhong Network Technology Co., Ltd., to come to the stage to award the plaque and speak. With the continuous efforts of global genesis nodes, Torah, as the world’s first green decentralized POD storage protocol, has made significant contributions to the development of Web 3.0 and distributed storage evangelism.

At this stage of the conference, the exposure has reached one million levels, and more than a thousand people participated in the event through “forum + exhibition” and online “picture broadcast”. The topics shared by the guests were “full of dry goods”, the audience “benefited a lot”, and the conference was a complete success.

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