We World Cup Champ,the first user-owned Web3 platform

We World Cup Champ, A Secentralized World Cup gaming platform.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is about to begin, the world’s hottest sports competition has attracted the attention of more than 3 billion fans around the world, when blockchain technology and Web3 meet the World Cup, what kind of wealth story will collide?


The sports field is becoming a new way for crypto giants to expand their own ecology, and well-known crypto giants represented by Binance, Coinbase, and are extending to the soccer field through Web3 to further enhance their crypto ecology’s brand awareness and business system of cross-border integration. While a much-anticipated grand soccer feast will soon kick off in Qatar, the new crown epidemic has had a significant impact on soccer matches so far in 2020, resulting in the suspension of matches, player confirmations, live viewing restrictions, and tight cash flow for clubs. With these impacts, fan participation in the event has quickly shifted from offline to online. In this golden age of web2 internet to web3 internet innovation, the online participation of fans in tournament betting has become more diversified and encrypted. The concept of “data is an asset and everyone can participate” has led to the emergence of a large number of web3+football tournament projects, among which, WWCC was born. Unlike previous World Cup crypto investment projects, WWCC will provide participants with a more fair, transparent, free and pure open autonomous crypto soccer guessing platform, WWCC welcomes fans and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world to join the WWCC platform. WWCC will create your own World Cup championship in the name of Web3.

WWCC is the abbreviation of “We World Cup champ”, which means “We are the World Cup champ”. WWCC is created by a team of top crypto developers who love soccer and are tired of the interference of capital power on soccer stars and tournament arrangements in the past. They believe that among many soccer events, the most important part that carries a soccer event is not the players, the teams, nor the event organizers, but the audience and fans who participate in this event. A tournament is not only about sharing the excitement and thrill to the fans, but also about direct and effective participation and value sharing.

(1) Decentralized Guessing

The WWCC team believes that WWCC will be a comprehensive Web3 platform for all fans to participate and share, and that WWCC respects the contribution of every member who participates in voting and guessing. With the concept of Web3.0, WWCC rewards all users who contribute to the platform with platform points, which can be exchanged for platform coins (contribution value is VPB points, 1 contribution value = 1 VPB)

1、When users vote, each vote gets 1VPB

User A invites User B to vote, and User B gets 0.5VPB for every vote User B casts.

2、 When users participate in the competition, they can also get VPB.(specific ratio to be determined)

3、Users trading NFT, also can get VPB.(specific ratio to be determined)

On this platform, every participant can directly participate in the sharing economy of every soccer match, and get the rewards and dividends of every exciting match in a fair and transparent way. To this end, WWCC builds an innovative web3 sharing economy between the football stars of each club and their fans, inviting the football stars to achieve mutual interaction and empowerment with their fans at zero distance. In the future, fans can participate in the management and investment of each player and national team through participation in DAO, allowing you to truly participate in a championship contest through a new way of loving soccer. Voting with your favorite athletes and clubs, the WWCC team uses decentralized smart contract editing to present fans with an open and transparent feast of luxury soccer betting. Users will pre-vote for this Qatar World Cup winning team and the Golden Ball Award one month before the World Cup kicks off. The voting method is BNB on-chain public address betting.

In WWCC’s betting system for each race, member fans bet on BNB online to guess the win, loss and score, and participating betting users are rewarded with platform points, which can be exchanged for platform coins.



WWCC will make every effort to build a web3 soccer guessing game ecology with no data boundaries and circulating assets, and create a crypto-economic soccer-like meta-universe multi-chain interaction platform to establish wwcc dao. wwcc dao will be the world’s first dao organization with soccer clubs as autonomous self-care co-builders, which provides a customized NFT token issuance mechanism to help teams or organizations issue NFT tokens and provide a dedicated trading venue and fan operation platform for team or organization to participate and make decisions on club affairs. wwcc dao will achieve a multi-win situation, for teams it provides tools to operate fans and for fans to participate and make decisions on club affairs. It provides a dedicated trading venue and fan operation platform for NFT token holders to participate and make decisions on club affairs. wwcc dao will achieve a multi-win situation, for teams, it provides tools to operate fans, and for fans, they have a channel to invest in the team and the right to make decisions on certain affairs. By spontaneously investing in supporting a star team through DAO, soccer clubs have completed voting through the Web3 voting platform, which is a big step towards further democratization of governance within soccer clubs .

(3) NFT

Web3’s soccer feast will not be absent from the collection and trading of NFT. When the World Cup meets NFT, limited edition and ip value will be able to send big, usually the platform will be some kind of privileged value empowered to a nft to be speculated, but often can not escape the problem of the value of the final liquidity becomes slow, the high value nft collected by the purchaser has a price but no market situation often happens. For this reason WWCC first invention casting NFT while issuing equivalent Token Web3NFT comprehensive platform, which is a new nft price automatic market making system, wwcc innovative proposed NFT and coins with the same right concept, that is, the platform issued NFT and Token can be replaced in the nft trading system, the NFT can be destroyed through smart contracts can destroy the NFT, destroy the NFT This means that every NFT you buy in wwcc will have the anchor of the value of the token, the token’s performance in the secondary market will directly link the value of the NFT fluctuations, imagine, your hand collection of NFT cards, the price will no longer remain unchanged, instead, it has more value investment appreciation space.

wwcc will proceed to issue invitations for cooperation with various national teams and club stars. wwcc will issue NFTs of the stars to retain all the exciting moments of the King of the game, when the stars and the club enjoy the same NFT rights and benefits, and users holding NFTs, also enjoy NFT rights and benefits.


(4) Metaverse and Foundation

The WWCC team will redefine the concept of soccer metaverse. WWCC is trying to use the micro zero-delay camera wearable system developed by the team to try out in wwcc’s official player jerseys, presenting unparalleled live matches for club members with the player’s first visual system combined with ar, and supporting WWCC’s decentralized guessing system, allowing fans to fully participate in a new way. Wwcc will not only serve the global soccer fans, but also the WWCC fund will be established at the opening of the Qatar World Cup, when wwcc will make part of the platform’s profits for the wwcc global soccer development fund. The fund will be operated in an open and transparent manner and will be open to accept donations from other organizations for a long time. WWCC Youth Football Fund will be dedicated to supporting the cultivation and support of youth soccer in economically backward regions of the world and promoting the development of youth soccer talents worldwide.


Social investment, will it be the new social direction of Web3?

Web3 Social VS Traditional Social


1、Features of Web3 Social

Social products in the Web3 era are fundamentally different from traditional social products. The two most fundamental differences between them are whether they are on the blockchain or not and the belonging of the ownership economy.

In traditional social products, all social behaviors are carried out off-chain, and there is a relatively closed relationship between social platforms. When a user posts a message on a social platform, it is almost impossible for users of other platforms to interact across platforms.

In the Web3 era, the social ways may be fundamentally changed. The user’s behavior location will change from off-chain to on-chain, everything will become open and transparent, and differences in social platforms will no longer be a barrier to interaction. When social relationships become public facilities, users can experience any new product with the accumulated social relationships without being bound by any one product.

In traditional social products, all user behaviors can only be carried out based on a highly centralized platform. This also means that all the output of the user is under the control of the platform, and the user has no control over the content push or operation authority. Web3, on the other hand, is committed to regaining users’ control over their own social media, and the property right of social content is an extremely important way.

The significance of social content property rights is not to judge how much real money the social content is worth (which cannot actually be defined), but to define the attribution of ownership. When all social content is in the form of assets, then the ownership of assets must be involved. At this time, users can determine the ownership of their own social behavior, so as to strive for their own benefits. And then realize the vision of controlling your own network in the Web3 era.

2、The current problems of Web3 social networking

But even if the vision is quite good, there are still many practical problems with Web3 social.

First of all, the maturity of the current Web3 social products is still insufficient. Even if it is a track leader such as Mirror and Lens, the actual use experience of products is still relatively rigid.

Second, even though Web3 socialization emphasizes the return of value, we need to realize that for most people, the direct direction of social behavior may not be the actual economic benefit, but the social value between people. Therefore, for the social track, we have to consider a question: whether the benefits brought by the Web3 social platform are enough to drive people to give up the social circle that has been established on the Web2 platform.

Finally, the impact of the bear market on the development of the Web3 social platform is also quite intuitive.

3、Web3 social networking should find another way

For Web3 social networking, simply copying the social model of Web2 will not work. If the Web3 social track wants to find a smooth path, it may have to find another way.

The most central key word in the current encryption ecology is undoubtedly wealth, which moves our nerves all the time. If the theme of Web2 social is life social, then we can position the Web3 social theme as value social.

People who have been in the crypto market all year round may not need an entertainment or life-oriented Web3 social scene, but a highly specialized Web3 social investment platform, where professional investors can show their investment operations and earn profits. Ordinary investors can also learn and communicate here. But for a long time, the crypto market has been quite lacking in this aspect.

However, recently, the author discovered an interesting project, which attempts to build a Web3 social investment platform for crypto users, thereby lowering the threshold for crypto investment and finally opening the door to the crypto market for everyone. It is CryptoLink.

CryptoLink – Web3 Social Investing Platform

CryptoLink is a decentralized Web3 social investing platform where users can create profiles, share ideas, create or join groups, create and manage portfolios or copy others’ portfolios, chat directly with others via wallet to wallet, establish DAO, conduct crypto fund raising, multi-signature management, etc.

CryptoLink was established in the second quarter of 2022. It plans to launch a beta version in the fourth quarter of 2022 and launch the mainnet in the first quarter of 2023.

For crypto newbies, they can learn the strategies of good investors and replicate their portfolios with the help of the CryptoLink platform. With CryptoLink, crypto novices can enter the crypto market in a fast way.

For ordinary investors, they can improve their investment skills by interacting with and learning from other investors in the Web3 local social network with the help of CryptoLink.

For crypto experts and seasoned investors, they can share their insights and portfolios, create closed fan clubs, monetize their knowledge and more through CryptoLink. And their income will also increase with the growth of followers.

Product Features

As a Web3 product with both social and investment functions, CryptoLink has a very rich product matrix and functions. Specifically include:

1. Chat

CryptoLink enables instant communication from wallet to wallet. This move endows social with certain asset attributes.

2. Release

Users can publish content through CryptoLink and can choose to monetize their knowledge in the form of paid subscriptions or previews.

3. Follow

Through this feature, users can follow interested bloggers and have real-time access to content posting, portfolio creation and copying operations of the bloggers they follow.


Users can comment on content posted by bloggers.


This feature can be used to demonstrate user support for their favorite content.

6. Reward

This feature allows users to reward posts they like.

7. Create groups

Users can explore on-chain wallet assets through CryptoLink and form groups with investors who hold the same encrypted assets; senior investors can also create closed paid groups to realize knowledge realization.

8. Portfolio

As a one-stop social investing platform, CryptoLink enables users to create portfolios and share their performance. Ordinary users can also copy professional investors’ portfolios and trading strategies. Of course, professional investors are rewarded accordingly when their portfolios are copied by others.

9. Market

Users can view the price and transaction data of each token on the real-time market chart through CryptoLink.

10. NFTs and DAOs

Senior investors can obtain NFT passes from Cryptolink, and holding diamond-level NFTs can obtain the permission to create DAOs.

The DAO on CryptoLink can be regarded as a modular fund management platform, through which users can crowdfund, elect fund managers, create and manage investment portfolios, distribute income, etc.

Comparison Analysis

For the comparison of the above 4 products, the author can only say that each has its own strengths, after all, the ideas of these applications are quite different.

For Mirror and Lens rooted in Web3, they lack functional extensions with Web3 colors, and in terms of end-user experience, the experience brought by Mirror and Lens to the author is not very good, and the fluency and complexity are still cannot be ignored.

As for eToro and Xueqiu, as old-fashioned applications of Web2, it goes without saying that their products are mature, but the problem of centralization is indeed inevitable. And this is their biggest dead end.

In contrast, CryptoLink combines the decentralization of Web3 social networking, and also has quite a variety of products and functions. I hope it can continue the current thinking, and use the above-mentioned applications as a reference to launch a truly excellent social product with Web3 colors.


SocialFi is already a common track, and many distinctive products have been launched in this area. But it is undeniable that compared with the traditional social model, it is still difficult for Web3 social applications to come out.

Most of the current Web3 social applications are actually copying the traditional model, and the immature products plus the copying of the Web2 model obviously cannot become a social paradigm exclusive to Web3.

Therefore, there may be only one way in front of the Web3 social track – to be a social application with Web3 value orientation.

Although Vitalik Buterin always emphasized that Web3 should not only have a value orientation of wealth. But it is undeniable that the current Web3 is indeed inseparable from wealth, and as a new product, there is probably no more attractive narrative than wealth.

Therefore, CryptoLink’s combination of investment and social networking has undoubtedly grasped the context of the encryption market, and this combination is quite Web3.

In addition, the CryptoLink product itself has quite a wealth of products and functions. If it can be well polished, it will hopefully become the premier project on the SocialFi track. In this regard, we may wish to wait and see.

A light to break the bear market, BDD is here!

The crypto market has been in a bear market for a long time, and the market lacks bright spots.
BDD brings good news!

Talented programmers from Silicon Valley in the United States have developed a new win-win model, which is BDD!
There are many BDD Chinese homophonic coins, and the mechanism is reasonable and scientific, which can allow most of the participating players to achieve stable profits.
BDD runs entirely on the chain, is open source and transparent, and can withstand auditing.
BDD is a value compound interest matrix. It is copied three or three times, and it falls naturally. There are no big players. All the coins are scattered and distributed to each believer. Each participant only needs 20usdt to participate!
BDD aims to create the strongest community consensus today through low threshold and strong ecology!
After the project team released BDD, they gave up the owner’s permission and made it 100% open source!
All BDD profits are distributed to the market and to its promoters and believers.
BDD will definitely be able to quickly spread the entire encryption market with its powerful model, the construction of the web3.0 consensus ecology and the community DAO spirit of global co-construction!
Let’s cheer together and witness the miracle!

What is the answer of Binance WODL?

To celebrate Binance’s 5th anniversary, and to add freshness to the world of cryptocurrencies, Binance News recently launched a WODL word guessing game (Binance Word Puzzle Event), which involves guessing the difference between cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain-related English words can earn cryptocurrency rewards. All registered users of Binance can participate in this game, and as long as you guess a certain number of English words, you can win the game. After accumulating a certain number of wins, you can also divide their reward pool!

Recently, the currency circle is really too bearish. There are no good projects to swipe hair. I often get slapped, and the cabbage is miserable. I really can’t move! So when I discovered the fun little game Binance, I was really surprised! After playing for a while, I feel that this game is simple and easy to learn, and it can also be rewarded.

Players have 2 chances to participate in the WODL game every day, and find out the English words related to the cryptocurrency blockchain through the three article prompts given.

What if you run out of opportunities? After the game is over, you can click “Play WODL again” to share a piece of Binance news of the day to social media. After the shared link is clicked, you can get additional opportunities.

In the process of clearing the level, players can try to fill in the word into the card surface multiple times. After each guess, the color of the card surface will change. After confirming, relying on the color of the cursor can show how close your guess is, so that you can More information about this word is available.

Get 5 correct answers or more during the event, and you are eligible to share the bonus with other Binance players. Isn’t this attractive?

Even if you could not figure out the answer. Click on the telegram group below, you can get customs clearance skills here, and you can communicate with many big guys!

Telegram link: https://t.me/apis_go

AIOT Network opens the era of stars – The MetaGem project is fully launched and very popular.

As a multi-chain architecture blockchain for the Internet of Things, AIOT adopts an original consensus mechanism to quickly build and backward compatible with multiple diverse blockchain systems! AIOT’s original PoW+DpoS consensus algorithm, combined with the most advanced mining equipment can realize the goal of “interconnection of all things and environmentally friendly mining” in a relatively fair, safe and decoupled manner.


AIOT’s new ecosystem-Metage was officially launched on September 17. Metage is committed to creating a decentralized NFT multi-chain aggregation trading platform. The positioning is clear and the new gameplay in line with the times combines the DEFI+NFT diversified metaverse runaway mode.


MetaGem is a combination of six spiritual stone fragments, including wind, fire, thunder, earth, water, and light, led by King Abelon, who led many different magical talents! At the same time, King Abelon must destroy the demons hiding in the darkness to get money, courage, strength and more fortune!

The starting point of MetaGem design is to popularize the NFT gameplay. You can open NFT cards through blind box quiz. In addition to obtaining AIOT tokens, cards also include card synthesis and card trading. After GameFi goes online, you can also synthesize various heroes and equipment.


The diversified new gameplay of MetaGem is revolutionary. Its value can not only be carried by cryptocurrency, but also can be carried in another new and unique way.

With the help of the new ecology of MetaGem, the consensus of AIOT will be further improved, and the market transaction volume and transaction frequency of AIOT will be increased. This further forms the scarcity of AIOT circulation in the market. Only by doing this the market value of AIOT can be truly and effectively improved.

PlugChain Born for Web3.0 Designed for Metaverse

How to enter Web3.0? 2

To enter the Web3.0 world, the most critical question is where does the data come from? 2

So where does the data in the Web 3.0 world come from? 3

If the massive data of Web2.0 is distributed to Web3.0, what will happen?? 3

In this context, PlugChain was born. 5

In The first anniversary of PlugChain: technology is backward compatible, ecology grows upward 6

Step by step, the ecology grows upward 7

Steady and steady, technology is backward compatible 10

New upgrade, start a new journey 13

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PlugChain 15

Trading platform:PC/USDT 16

media matrix 16

How to enter Web3.0?

When it comes to 2022, the global Web 3.0 and the metaverse are striding into the mainstream of history, and human civilization has ushered in a new era of value revolution. In such a historical trend, numerous infrastructures, application scenarios, and value ecosystems are developing explosively. Whoever can occupy the ecological niche for the first time will be able to obtain the first wave of dividends of Web3.0. In the fierce competition of global developers, operators, capital, and markets, history has been promoted unprecedentedly, but it has also encountered some obstacles.



To enter the Web3.0 world, the most critical question is where does the data come from?

In Web 2.0, data is oil and a factor of production. Without data, the Internet is just a bunch of empty shelves. In Web3.0, data is not only a factor of production, but also a carrier of value: token is data, and NFT is also data. Through blockchain confirmation, data is owned, and the value is circulated on the blockchain.

So where does the data in the Web 3.0 world come from?

Answer: Since Web2.0, a lot of infrastructure has been built in the Web3.0 world. In the current 3 years, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, more public chains will be born in the future, but None of them have solved the problem of data sources, so it is difficult to break the circle of application scenarios on the chain, and there are also many application scenarios that are difficult to implement!

If the massive data of Web2.0 is distributed to Web3.0, what will happen??

For example: STEPN is a Web3.0 running application that allows users to earn money by running (Move to Earn), which is popular all over the world for a while. The way to obtain running data is to transmit it to BSC and Solana through Web2. data, so as to carry out settlement and value transfer on the chain.

We are excited to see that once the data of Web2 is imported into Web3, it has the potential to create a DApp that is popular all over the world. Conversely, if Web3 lacks data, all infrastructure and application scenarios will inevitably become castles in the air.

In fact, there are many technical difficulties in bringing Web2 data to Web3, such as: how to unify data standards? When multiple public chains need data, how to efficiently input data to each public chain? After the data is input, how can the data of the same DApp and NFT be synchronized between multiple public chains in real time?

Only when these problems are solved, can more scale and more influential application scenarios than STEPN be able to land and explode like bamboo shoots after a rain.

In this context, PlugChain was born.

PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, adopts the PoS consensus mechanism, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas, etc., to provide trusted data and ecological scenarios for the Web3.0 world, and is committed to promoting Web2.0-Web3 .0 historical process.

PlugChain uses the oracle protocol to realize the data intercommunication between Web2 and Web3, realizes the non-inductive interaction of application scenarios, adopts an aggregated method to support 100+ mainstream public chains in the world, and realizes multi-chain communication through the PlugChain cross-chain protocol. .0 application scenarios and value ecology provide the best platform.

As the PlugChain ecological token, PC carries the ecological value of PlugChain. With the upgrade of the PlugChain technology system, the increase in the number of supported public chains, the gradual increase in the amount of data, the gradual enrichment of application scenarios, and the gradual development of the value ecology, the value of PC will continue to grow.

图片包含 文本


In The first anniversary of PlugChain: technology is backward compatible, ecology grows upward

Over the past year, the crypto market has slumped from a frenzied bull market peak to a trough. The popularity of the new public chain has also plummeted from being a group of heroes more than a year ago to today. And because of frequent thunderstorms, the encryption market has been stagnant. And the new public chain lacks an unsustainable prosperous ecology; the story of the public chain is no longer attractive, and many public chain projects have been forced to stop. However, PlugChain has successfully withstood the test of the crypto market, kept moving forward, and became a surviving public chain in the industry.

As a public chain with an aggregated cross-chain oracle as the core, PlugChain has been able to operate safely to this day, and continues to innovate in products, which is enough to prove its unique advantages. Therefore, on the first anniversary of the establishment of PlugChain, by reviewing the development history of PlugChain, we will summarize the core competitiveness of the public chain and the development trend of the public chain.

Step by step, the ecology grows upward

August 2021 is a brand new starting point for PlugChain. From the public chain project establishment to the formation of the team, after countless days and nights of fine polishing by the team, PlugChain ushered in the first show of the main network: official browser, PlugChain main network and infrastructure Officially online.

The ecological token PC was also born during the rapid development of community consensus, and successively developed and traded on Lbank, XT, and BitMart trading platforms, becoming the underlying token of the PlugChain ecosystem. Similarly, in the public chain track of last year, mainstream new public chains such as Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Near set off a boom in the price of public chain coins. PlugChain’s ecological token PC is also not far behind, with the highest annual increase of 300+ times, ranking the top 5 in the currency price increase list for one week in a row, and has become a hot public chain currency for a while. Behind this surge in value is not only the demonstration of the public chain ecology taking shape, but also the value cohesion of the community consensus on PlugChain.

Likewise, we have also achieved excellent results in our strategic layout. In March of this year, its ecological token PC was officially included by Coinbase, and we became a member of the global mainstream public chain. That same month, we also partnered with Armors to pass a security audit of their smart contract code. In addition, there are also shadows of our forays into distributed storage and Web3.0 ecology, establishing in-depth cooperation with SINSO on the construction of Filecoin Layer2 and Web3.0 ecosystems, linking the advantages of both parties, and jointly promoting the development of the blockchain industry.

Ecological layout, we never stop. While improving the public chain’s own infrastructure, it also continuously expands the ecosystem on the chain. As early as November last year, the official PlugChain wallet was officially launched, and a few months later, it was logged into the Google extension store. In May of this year, the official wallet 2.0 upgrade was completed, and the DApp function section was opened. In addition, we have also launched the cross-chain bridge project planning, which provides a favorable tool for the public chain to interact with assets across the chain, and also contributes to the project’s own ecology.

Steady and steady, technology is backward compatible

Technology, as the core element of the public chain. PlugChain has been adhering to the attitude of “keep improving” and constantly polish the core technology and improve the performance of the public chain.

In order to bridge the gap between the traditional market and the Web 3.0 ecosystem, PlugChain focuses on the two vertical segments of cross-chain interoperability and decentralized oracles. PlugChain acts as a powerful cross-chain oracle that businesses and institutions can leverage to connect real-world data and price information to public and private blockchains. The solution proposed by PlugChain not only delivers data directly on-chain, providing better scalability and security, but also enhances the use cases of smart contracts. In this way, the price information on the PlugChain chain has high accuracy.

In a word, under the decentralized oracle network protocol, PlugChain provides unlimited verifiable computing power to the blockchain by connecting on-chain smart contracts with off-chain Internet data, enabling more commercial applications to integrate with real-world The perfect combination of use cases makes it possible for enterprise-level scenarios to be implemented.

On the other hand, in order to expand the downward threshold boundary of PlugChain technology, PlugChain is a heterogeneous decentralized oracle network development framework compatible with all blockchains, thus providing developers with a secure oracle infrastructure. In other words, developers can develop hybrid smart contracts or customized smart contracts in any desired blockchain network, thus providing a powerful engine for promoting the development of a multi-chain ecosystem.

At present, the PlugChain network has integrated more than 100 public chain services and is compatible with multiple blockchains, including mainstream public chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, Heco, and Binance Smart Chain.

Therefore, PlugChain can very well provide the most secure and reliable cross-chain message transmission solution for the multi-chain ecosystem, while providing high scalability and better security, while reducing network delay time. PlugChain also allows for parallel processing, while features like threshold encryption, efficient processing ensure further security.

Under the steady and steady development of the technical team, ecological fruits have been born in the soil of technology, and the increasingly perfect mainnet function has made the development of PlugChain attract much attention.

In March this year, we completed the mainnet upgrade and realized the iterative update of v1.0.0, which enriched the browser’s function of supporting PVM module data query, making the mainnet function more complete. In addition, at the end of August, the main network was upgraded again, which greatly improved the overall performance of the public chain network. From technological innovation to technological breakthrough, our team also ushered in a breakthrough of 100 people in May this year, which is also an epoch-making significance for a public chain project.

From a macro point of view, the backward compatibility of technology makes it possible to efficiently interact between the protocol layer and the application layer, thereby promoting the prosperity and development of the ecology. From a microscopic point of view, it is an interactive hub that opens up the underlying infrastructure, enabling parallelization and transmission between different blockchains and various performances.

New upgrade, start a new journey

Thanks to the precipitation of technology and the development of ecology, the builders participating in the PlugChain ecology are becoming more and more formed: strategic cooperation with SoulMeta, 42 validator nodes participate in the staking ecology, active addresses exceed 48,000, and global community users exceed 250,000. As early as last November, PlugChain received a strategic investment of US$10 million from Alpha Headge.

Looking back, it has been one year since the mainnet launch of PlugChain. From project establishment to mainnet launch, PlugChain has completed the transformation from 0 to 1. The continuous breakthrough of technology, the iterative upgrade of the main network, and the continuous expansion of the ecology are PlugChain’s march from 1 to ∞.

The technology is backward compatible, making the performance of the public chain more and more competitive; the ecology grows upward, allowing the public chain to build its own ecological moat. This is the only way for every successful public chain to grow, and it is also the way for PlugChain to stand now.

At present, a new round of brand upgrade of PlugChain is in full swing. The brand LOGO has also ushered in a new visual effect and a simple and elegant design aesthetic. The ecological token PLUGCN has also officially changed its name to PC. In order to expand the layout of the global ecological strategy, PlugChain specially established PlugLabs, which will expand the cooperation territory from various fields such as branding, strategy, investment, incubation, etc., actively explore the cooperation of high-quality ecological projects, and promote the ecological development of the PlugChain.

In the near future, PlugChain officials will also explore wider and higher-quality cooperation resources, reach in-depth cooperation with mainstream wallets, open PC/USDT transactions on TOP-level trading platforms, and reach strategic cooperation with high-quality projects, all of which will be included in PlugChain’s projects planning. It is expected that in the next six months, we will see more positive news and wider application of PlugChain.

All in all, in just one year, PlugChain has achieved an industry-leading position in the extremely competitive track of the public chain by virtue of its excellent technology and the accumulation of high-quality ecological endorsements. In the next cycle, PlugChain will also have great opportunities to continuously consolidate its market advantages by relying on its technical advantages and increasingly powerful public chain ecology. The future of the public chain is still long, and PlugChain still has a long way to go. In the days to come, I look forward to working with you to continue to work together to witness the prosperity of the development of the public chain.

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【Official website】https://plugchain.io

【Technical advantages】Aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol, a bridge between Web2.0 and Web3.0

【Application advantage】High performance, high expansion, low gas, rapid deployment, cross-chain communication, data support

【Ecological advantages】Support ecological linkage such as NFT, DeFi, Gamefi, DEX, Swap, Socialfi, etc.

【Global Layout】Ecological nodes and DAOs have been established in major 50+ countries around the world

【Partners】Lbank, BitMart, SoulMeta, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com, Sinso, Armors, xt.com, Blockiot…

Trading platform:PC/USDT




media matrix



【Telegram Subscription】https://t.me/plugchainofficial








Application for Announcement on Digital Circulation Free Access to the First Parallel Public Chain

Digital Circulation blockchain network, which has been developed for four years, has now completed the docking port of parallel public chains. The first parallel public chain free access application and collection are now open to users around the world.


Application link:

English version: https://xz.dc-chain.us/ParachainRegister.doc

Chinese version: https://xz.dc-chain.us/zozhi.doc

Email for receiving applications: digitalcirculationdc@gmail.com


DC Lab will screen the applications received, develop the most creative needs free of charge, and test access to the Digital Circulation network.


DC Laboratory

September 14, 2022

Gleneagle securities will invest $20 million to deploy kns ecosystem

Gleneagle securities will invest $20 million to deploy kns ecosystem
In 2021, gleneagle company carried out exploration in the field of Web3 finance. After more than a year of preparation, it first launched the kns stock game segment at the end of 2022.

Kns ecology is the bottom layer of blockchain technology developed based on rust language and move smart contract, aiming to build the world’s largest online clearing system. As the core part of kns ecological community construction, kns stock games provide a fair, open and data transparent platform for all participating players.

The whole kns ecological investment is divided into three stages, totaling 20 million dollars.
In the initial round of the Kns stock game sector, 2 million US dollars (not limited to US dollars) will be sent to the founding team of KNS in September 2022 as the project start-up fund.

The world’s first real investment DAO and social DAO

In the investment industry, retail investors are always on the weak and harvested side.Is there any method to change the weakness of individual investors so that they could fight against even exceed institutions? It would be so hard, basically impossible, in other industries; however, we could make it in the blockchain industry. In the blockchain industry, we could get multiple individual investors united to form an “investment + socialization” DAO, whose strength could exceed the traditional investment institutions.

1.What Is DAO

The current organizations do not exist all the time. For example, “company” did not exist all the time but occurred to the need to get used to the socialized mass production of the market economy at the beginning of the 16th century; and it has gone through several hundred years of development to be what we could see now. Along with the development of blockchain technology, a new human organizational synergy comes to the stage. This is DAO.

DAO is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization and an organization structure based on the core idea of blockchain with the implementation of decentralization, which is derived from the collaborative behavior of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and sharing spontaneously generated by groups reaching the same consensus. In the essence, DAO is an embodiment of the application of blockchain technology, which is a revolutionary evolution in the history of human cooperation. The appearance of DAO is a new social model experiment through the development of blockchain technology to have decentralization of power. It is a necessary output for social development, and it is also people’s demand and desire for power or governance power.

In the imaginary and ideal DAO system, management is coded, programming and automated. “Code is law”, which is the purpose complied by the cryptocurrency world. The organization is changed from pyramid-shaped to distributed, and power has been modified from centralized to decentralized. Management is upgraded from a bureaucratic system to community autonomy. The organization running does not need the company but the highly autonomous community.

The community adheres to the principles of equality, voluntariness and mutual benefit; and it is driven by the mutual resource endowment, complementary advantages and win-win interests. Everybody plays their own strengths to push the entire community to march forward.

2.What is Valiant DAO

Valiant DAO is a powerful organization composed of many individual investors with different backgrounds, strengths, values and expertise. The vision of Valiant DAO is to let each DAO member gain sufficient spiritual wealth and material wealth from Valiant DAO.

There have been all kinds of DAO in the market, such as Investment DAO, Grants DAO, Collector DAO, Protocol DAO, Service DAO, Social DAO, Media Dao, etc. Valiant DAO belongs to the combination of Investment DAO and Social DAO, i.e. the “investment + socialization” DAO.

3.Structure and Running Rule of Valiant DAO

Valiant DAO NFT is the right certificate for the Valiant DAO system. The entire Valiant DAO system is equipped with 10 thousands independent Valiant DAO NFTs. Anyone could join Valiant DAO to be a member of Valiant DAO when having one Valiant DAO NFT, and they could enjoy all kinds of welfare and rights of Valiant DAO. Meanwhile, those who do not hold the Valiant DAO NFT for all reasons would quit Valiant DAO and could not enjoy the welfare or rights.


Organization Chart of Valiant DAO:

Management Committee is the highest management decision-making institution of Valiant DAO to be in charge of five departments, including the foundation, investment research department, ministry of commerce, technology department and event planning department. There are 5 managers on the management committee. The managers are selected from the DAO members who participate in the campaign. The term of office is 2 years, and they could be renewable. During the change of the term of office, any DAO member with more than 5 Valiant DAO NFTs could participate in the campaign, and the top 5 DAO members with the highest votes could be the managers of the next term. The salary of the foundation manager is paid by the foundation; however, the manager gets no salary in the first session but gains it monthly from the second session. The specific amount would be confirmed by the proposal. The term of manager would be automatically relieved of the office once there have less than 5 Valiant DAO NFTs during the employment. DAO members could impeach a manager, and the impeachment would be successful if the proposal gains more than one-third of the votes (10000/3=3333.33). For all reasons, there would be a campaign for managers to fill in the vacant post once there are less than 5 managers.

The supervisors of the five departments, foundation, investment research department, ministry of commerce, technology department and event planning department, must be the DAO members who must have no less than 2 Valiant DAO NFTs. When the DAO members apply for the campaign for supervisors, each Valiant DAO NFT has 1 vote, and each committee manager has 100 votes respectively (except for the number of NFT votes held by the manager as a DAO member). The one with the highest votes would be the supervisors of the department. The term of office of the supervisors is 2 years. The manager of the management committee could work as the supervisor of the department. One supervisor could be dismissed with the approval of more than half of the managers of the management committee. When there is a vacant post for a certain supervisor, the management committee should set about the campaign for the organization supervisor. During the post vacancy of a supervisor in a certain department, the management committee should coordinate an acting manager to act as the supervisor so that the department could keep working normally.

4.Rights for Joining Valiant DAO

  1. Have the Chance to Participate in High-quality Projects at the First Time

  2. Get the Free Airdrop

  3. Get the High-quality Network Circle

  4. Get Much More Investment Opportunities

  5. Get the Profit Dividend of Valiant DAO Operation Projects

  6. Get the Return of NFT Appreciation

5.Development Planning

(1)Running the Private Investment Funds

Most people are unsuitable for making investments, and they may not make a profit even if they were informed of a good project. They won’t join the project in the early period but enter it till it is soaring, or they just gain a little project and quit the project at the wrong time, or they would have a poor capital distribution among multiple projects… In conclusion, investment has a higher requirement for the comprehensive ability of investors, and most people would be hard to end up with a good result when relying on their own ability.

Valiant DAO has resources, channels and professional abilities, and the investment ability is much better than that of most institutions. A private investment fund would be established to make investments in blockchain projects. The private investment fund is only open for the DAO members, so others must hold Valiant DAO NFT to be the DAO members if they want to join the fund. The running process of the fund would be maximally open, and all fund investors could see the running situation of the funds during the running process so as to ensure the capital security for the investors.

(2)Running Company Within the Metaverse Projects

Metaverse is a tendency. Metaverse projects would be increased continuously in the next few years, and the market would be more and more mature. The metaverse is a virtual world, and there would be all kinds of companies. Valiant DAO would set up real estate companies, gaming companies, amusement parks, car rental companies, and aircraft rental companies in the metaverse, and parts of the profits generated by these companies would be distributed to the DAO members each year.

(3)Development of Ecological Projects

As an organization, Valiant DAO would have a layout of ecology in the future to develop projects in all modules, such as developing metaverse, Defi and other new modules in the future.

Many people believe that Valiant DAO will shine in the web3 era, we will wait and see.

A new generation of “DAO” organization – Fa DAO, returning all power to the community

DAO is “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. In the development of blockchain technology, new technologies continue to emerge, and new hotspots emerge one after another, from DeFi, public chain and NFT to Web3.0, GameFi and SocialFi, and Web3.0. As the cornerstone of the governance mechanism in the blockchain world, “DAO” has become one of the most important hot spots.

Fa DAO is a brand-new organizational form and business model, featuring decentralization, autonomy, and the return of all power and interests to the community. Its original three economic mechanisms of “providing liquidity is mining”, “liquidity self-growth”, and “double destruction” (transaction destruction + repurchase destruction), the product model and economic model are all automatically completed by smart contracts, open source on The product has been running safely for a long time and has been widely praised by blockchain technology experts and community users.

In order to comply with the development trend of the blockchain industry, Fa DAO has been fully upgraded and adopted a new economic model. Fa DAO will no longer conduct mining output and additional issuance, and users no longer need to worry about the selling pressure generated by Fa mining. Each transaction generates 10% of the DAO handling fee, of which 5% is allocated to liquidity providers, who will become one of the most important beneficiaries of the system; 5% is directly destroyed, and the output of Fa will no longer increase. Under the premise of the ultimate destruction, all Fa holders will benefit. Fa DAO will become a market stabilizer, play the role of “cutting peaks and filling valleys”, and help Fa’s intrinsic value to achieve a stable increase. Fa DAO has four outstanding characteristics, allowing some power to return to the community, and all benefits to the community users.